The Weight of Oceans

  • Album Info
  • In Mourning
  • 2012
  • Spinefarm Records

The Weight of Oceans – 2012

1. Colossus
2. A Vow To Conquer The Ocean
3. From A Tidal Sleep
4. Celestial Tear
5. Convergence
6. Sirens
7. Isle Of Solace
8. The Drowning Sun
9. Voyage of a Wavering Mind

All music and lyrics by In Mourning. Recorded in sessions during the period August – December 2011. Recorded, mixed and mastered in Abyss and Black Lounge studios in Grangärde, Sweden, with engineer Jonas Kjellgren. Release by Spinefarm Records April 18 2012. Cover art by Kristian Wåhlin, additional layout by Björn Pettersson. Photography by Mattias Lindström.