Siren Charms

  • Album Info
  • In Flames
  • 2014
  • Epic Records

Siren Charms – 2014

1. In Plain View
2. Everything’s Gone
3. Paralyzed
4. Through Oblivion
5. With Eyes Wide Open
6. Siren Charms
7. When the World Explodes
8. Rusted Nail
9. Dead Eyes
10. Monsters in the Ballroom
11. Filtered Truth


In Flames - Siren Charms - bandphoto

Left to right: Niclas Engelin (Guitars), Peter Iwers (Bass), Björn Gelotte (Guitars), Anders Fridén (Vocals), Daniel Svensson (Drums)

Emilia Feldt Vocals (backing) (7)
Martin Rubashov Vocals (backing) (9)
The Head Jester Choir Vocals (choirs)
Daniel Bergstrand Vocals (backing)
Örjan Örnkloo Keyboards
Recorded and mixed at Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, Germany.
Mastered at Sterling Sound.

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